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Let us take care of your vacation rentals. We offer high quality, reliable cleaning services. Cleaning within 24 hours after guests check out and prep for the next check in.

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śauca samtosa tapah svādhyā yeśvarapranidhānāni niyamāh

The second aspect is Niyama. This is Cleanliness and purity, contentment, 

deep spiritual faith, spiritual practice and surrender to god.

Yoga Sutra 2:32


To be honest, since we are just getting started & do not have a ton of amazing reviews yet, we thought we’d include our stellar Airbnb reviews as guests referencing our cleanliness.


Jacqueline and Matthew were a pleasure to host. Polite. friendly, respectful of the property, observant of the rules, self-reliant, communicative, and extremely tidy. Thanks guys!
— Stephanie S. & Jay B.
Jacqueline and Matthew were such fun guests to have stay with us. They were so appreciative of everything and were quite and respectful, too. Lots of fun to chat with. A warm invitation back for this duo.
— Don S.
I gladly endorse clean, the service owned and operated by Matt Deppe and Jacqui Rent. They are thorough, honest and fastidious. After our first experience we were sold and will happily continue to use them.
— Ms. V. Riley
“We can’t say enough about this cleaning service. The reliability, attention to detail and excellent service are all the reasons we recommend them to everyone we know. Thank you for making our lives easier and our house spotless!”

— J. Sangillo